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R&C Victory, LLC



Born in Woodbridge,  VA


We are a small business founded in Woodbridge, VA, by Charity and Rashadeen. Our logo is the "Victory" pose.  It was chosen because it is universally recognized as the position of success, winner's, completion...simply put "VICTORY". R&C Victory, LLC, currently specializes in mobile photography as well as hosting 3 on 3 basketball tournaments and is in the early stages of adding a training and fitness wing to the company.  All of our  services span from Northern Pennsylvania to Virginia and as far south as the Carolina's.

Between both Charity and Rashadeen, they possess over 30 years of management experience from retail, to real estate, to I.T. , photography, and in the fitness industry.  They are both college educated and Charity is a proud US Army veteran.  Those experiences have led to a solid operational understanding and a customer focused operating platform. Being small also allows for quick changes to mirror current trends and forward thinking to remain ahead of the curve.  


We look forward to working with you and using our vast experiences to assist you in the very near future. 

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